Stuf is a modern self-storage brand and operator

We partner with landlords to monetize underutilized real estate as mini storage.

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Our Landlord Partners

  • Vanbarton Group
  • The Swig Company
  • Jamestown LP logo
  • Bridgeton Holdings
  • Westlake Realty

By partnering with Stuf, our vacant basement garage now generates over $15 psf annually. More importantly, our commercial tenants appreciate this new and unique amenity. The Stuf team is excellent, and they handle everything from design and installation to marketing and operations.”


National owner, operator and developer of commercial and residential real estate

Why partner with Stuf

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Newly “found” cash flow for landlords

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Supports flexible living and working

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Tech-enabled access, security and ops

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Hospitality-driven user experience

How it Works

You have underutilized...

basements, garages, building storage, windowless office, vacant retail, and more...

We convert it to Stuf Storage
We co-design access and security protocols
We handle marketing, sales, and operations
We send you a check every month

Stuf app &

landlord dashboard

Operating in 4 markets today

LA | SF | NY | Oakland

Expanding to Boston, DC, and and other markets this year

Stuf Capex

Stuf covers the setup costs and recoups it in the first 6-8 months

Revenue Sharing

Then, landlord receives a percentage of revenue

What we look for

  • 2-10k square feet

  • Finished & leveled floors

  • Elevator access (if any)

  • Direct entry path

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Case Study: Stuf Brooklyn

15 Vanderbilt Avenue

  • Opened in January 2021
  • 53 storage units
  • Owned by The Balogh Company

  • Converted a former restaurant in 2 weeks

  • Reached 90% occupancy in 5 months

  • Average ★★★★★ star rating on Google and Yelp

  • Serving residents, small businesses, and people on the move

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are your members storing?

    Our storage units range from 3x3 to 5x10, and we determine unit mix based on market demand and competitor performance. This means our members generally store boxes, clothes, seasonal items (skis / golf clubs), documents, and small pieces of furniture.

  • How often do your members visit?

    Our busiest period is during the initial ramp up and move-in; thereafter, we see on average 5 people per week.

  • Do you need 24/7 access?

    24/7 access is ideal but not required. We can charge higher pricing with 24/7 access, but it’s far more important to have seamless operations during a mutually agreeable window of time.

  • How often do your members visit?

    The first few months are our busiest periods during the term as we ramp up sales. Thereafter, most of our members visit monthly or even less frequently. For a 5,000 sf space, we estimate 5-7 total weekly visits.

  • Will you have on-site staff?

    We have field operations team members who oversee our locations in any given market, but we do not have staff on site 24/7.