Moving this summer? Chances are this is happening to you.

After being stuck at home for what feels like a lifetime, it’s no wonder why people and businesses are moving in droves this summer. A new home brings new perspective, new opportunities and more space (we hope!). But let’s be real, moving sucks.

We’ve all been there, and it never looks like the photos with perfectly crisp boxes, happy families, and not a bead of sweat in sight. Moving often goes hand in hand with major life changes -- roommate drama, baby on the way, or your business growing faster than you planned -- so moving can be a great way to reset and start anew.

Aside from cost and inconvenience, we’ve broken down why moving really sucks into 1 simple thing: chances are you have too much stuff which drags you down, taking up valuable physical space and mental headspace. The anxiety is heightened during a move, and we understand that feeling when you’re staring at a bunch of boxes that need to be unpacked but finding a place for everything seems absolutely daunting.

To make your move a good one, and to ensure your new home is the sanctuary you deserve, here are a few unique tips to make moving easier this summer. You got this!

Ask yourself: What do I need now? Later? Never?

Determine and organize your stuff into 3 groups: belongings you need now, later and never. Your “now” stuff is what you move into your new home. “Later” is what you store away so it’s out of sight and out of mind until you truly need it (skis, winter clothing, memorabilia, holiday decorations, and more). And the most difficult group to deal with is the ”never” group; it’s the group you donate or give away. Just remember, everything has a place and a home, even if it’s not in your home anymore.

Label it. Then label some more.

Labeling your boxes and belongings is a given, right? Most people label what's inside. Few people label where the box should go in your new home or office. If you’re lucky enough to have movers or friends/family help you with moving, you know a lot of time is spent asking and answering “where does this go?”. Just keep labeling so you can save yourself the extra effort.

Move on a weekday and avoid the end/beginning of the month.

Many moving companies will charge premium pricing on their busiest days, so if you can, we highly recommend moving during off-peak periods to save money and avoid other moving trucks (especially in major cities). Also, many sellers or property management companies will give you the keys a few days early if the space is vacant. Just ask.

Moving a business? Save on retail and office rents.

After a year in shutdown, many businesses are reevaluating their real estate needs and looking for more flexible options. Our small business storage members have told us they realized they didn’t need to store their inventory, equipment or documents in their office or store. They found self-storage to be an incredibly affordable option, especially when it was close to home, because it meant saving thousands of dollars on rent over the long-term.

Find storage in your neighborhood.

We got into this game because we needed self-storage ourselves. In our search, virtually all the options were far away, inconvenient, and if we’re being frank, super sketchy! What if you could find an extra closet in your neighborhood to serve as an extension of your home? That would be magic! Many apartment buildings come with on-site storage, but you should note there’s typically little privacy with those options. Alternatively, Stuf is bringing next generation storage to your neighborhood, so be on the lookout.

Moving is just as much about moving your stuff as it is an opportunity to hit the reset button! We encourage you to think bigger about your move and hope these tips help you out. Email us at if you can think of other useful tips!

Stuf is proud to be the home away from home for your stuff. We provide easy-to-access and secure storage near you. If you ever need storage in Oakland, San Francisco, Los Angeles, or New York, give us a call/text at 212-372-7491 or email us at Also, please let us know where we should go next!